Special Presentations | 128 min | 1972

About the Film

Travelogue, memoir, and outrageous cinematic spectacle converge in this kaleidoscopic valentine to the Eternal City, composed by one of its most iconic inhabitants. Leisurely one moment and breathless the next, this urban fantasia by Federico Fellini interweaves recollections of the director’s young adulthood with an impressionistic portrait of contemporary Rome. Roma penetrates the myth and mystique of Italy’s storied capital, a city Fellini called “the most wonderful movie set in the world.”


Film Info

Section Special Presentations
Year 1972
Length 128 min
Language Italian, French, English, German, Latin, Spanish
Country Italy, France

Film Credits

Director Federico Fellini
Screenplay Federico Fellini, Bernardino Zapponi
Cinematography Guiseppe Rotunno
Music Nino Rota
Editing Ruggero Mastorianni
Producer Turi Vasile
Production Company Ultra Film, United Artists
Sound Design
Sound Renato Cadueri
Cast Denis Christopher , Pia De Doses , Fedrico Fellini , Fiona Florence , Renato Giovanneli , Peter Gonzales , Marcello Mastoriani 

Film Contacts

Directed by: Federico Fellini

Federico Fellini was born January 20, 1920, in Rimini, Italy. In 1944 he met director Roberto Rossellini and joined a team of writers who created Roma, città aperta, often cited as the seminal film of the Italian Neorealist movement. As a director, one of Fellini's major works is La dolce vita (1960), which starred Marcello Mastroianni, Anouk Aimée and Anita Ekberg. Fellini won best foreign-language Oscars for La strada (1954), Le notti di Cabiria (1957), 8 1/2 (1963) and Amarcord (1973). He also took home a Lifetime Achievement Oscar in 1993.