Special Presentations | 129 min | 1994

The Emigrant

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About the Film

The Emigrant is inspired by the biblical tale of Joseph. Ram’s jealous brothers throw him into a boat, only to be sold as a slave in Egypt. But his ambition opens the doors to the secret of the pharaohs; while his looks entice Simihit, the wife of Amihar, the military leader who has treated Ram like a son.


24 Sep, 19:15, Sea Cinema 3

Film Info

Section Special Presentations
Year 1994
Length 129 min
Language Arabic
Country Egypt

Film Credits

Director Youssef Chahine
Screenplay Youssef Chahine, Rafik Al Sabban, Ahmed Kassem, Khaled Youssef
Cinematography Ramses Marzouk
Music Mohamed Nouh
Editing Rashida Abdelsalam
Producer Gabriel khoury, Marianne Khoury, Humbert Balsan
Production Company Misr International films , Ognon pictures
Sound Design
Sound Dominique Hennequain
Cast Khaled El Nabawy, Youssra, Mahmoud Hemida, Michel Piccoli Hanan Tork, Sayed Abdelkerim, Ahmed Salama

Film Contacts

Middle-East Distributor
Misr International Films

Directed by: Youssef Chahine