Official Selection out of Competition | 100 min | 2018


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Lucius is a retired old man who lives alone. One day, he meets Lahire, who offers him an opportunity to explore something different by participating in boxing matches. Out of necessity, and because he is well aware that his days are numbered, Lucius accepts the proposal. Fascinated by this new world he entered, he takes a liking to his new life, which proves to be a strange experience that will completely change his way of living.

Film Info

Section Official Selection out of Competition
Year 2018
Length 100 min
Language French with subtitles in English
Country France

Film Credits

Director Franchin Don
Screenplay Tarik Noui, Franchin Don
Cinematography David Merlin-Duffey
Music Axel Guenoun
Editing Franchin Don, Chen Liu, Thomas Maitrot
Producer Céline Zen
Production Company Koi Films
Sound Design
Sound Elton Rabineau, Paul-Etienne Mondain
Cast Gérard Darmon, Josiane Balasko, Vincent Winterhalter

Film Contacts

Directed by: Franchin Don