Special Presentations | 120 min | 1969


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About the Film

Nahed is a virtuous young woman by day, yet, by night, her flirtatious alter ego Mervat takes over. Suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Nahed doesn’t remember any of her adventures the next morning. She is treated by a psychiatrist who is determined to address the root of her problems, buried deep in her childhood. Directed by celebrated filmmaker Kamal El Sheikh based on a novel written by Ihsan Abdel Quddous, the film is among the well-known classics of Egyptian cinema.

Film Info

Section Special Presentations
Year 1969
Length 120 min
Language Arabic with subtitles in English
Country Egypt

Film Credits

Director Kamal El Sheikh
Screenplay Ehsan Abdel Quddous,  Naguib Mahfouz, Youssef Francis
Cinematography Wahid Farid
Editing Mohieddin Abdul Jawad
Producer Ramses Naguib
Production Company
Sound Design
Sound Hassan Al Tuni
Cast Soad Hosny, Nour El Sherif, Mahmoud El Meligy, Mariam Fakhr Eldin, Mohi Ismail, Salah Nazmi

Film Contacts

Directed by: Kamal El Sheikh