Saturday ,11 of July 2020

Veteran Artist and Choreographer Mahmoud Reda Dies Aged 90

We are profoundly sad to announce that the world of art has lost veteran dancer, choreographer and actor, Mahmoud Reda, who passed away at the age of 90.

Born in 1930, Reda received a degree in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University. He originally trained as a gymnast and represented Egypt in the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. However, influenced by his older brother, Ali, his main passion was dance, so he joined an Argentinian dance troupe after graduating and toured Europe.

Reda is best known for pioneering the first and most popular theater dance group in Egypt and the Arab world by co-founding The Reda Troupe for Folk Dance in 1959 with his brother Ali and his dance partner Farida Fahmy. They achieved unprecedented success by staging choreographed dances and shows inspired by the diversified cultures, costumes and dances of upper and lower Egypt. In 1961, The Troupe was announced as an affiliate of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. They sealed their success by starring in the Egyptian musicals; Agazet Nos Elsana (Mid-year Holiday) in 1962 and Gharam Fi Al Karnak (Love in Karnak) in 1965.

Reda's choreography combined traditional Egyptian folk dances with western styles like ballet. Under his direction, The Troupe toured the world, and went on five international tours during his tenure giving performances at Carnegie Hall and performing for various world leaders. After almost three decades, Reda retired as director of The Troupe in 1990 and continued to give dance workshops.

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